Sexual Assault or Misconduct Abroad

Response of CSB+SJU to Report of Sexual Assault or Misconduct while Abroad

If a student experiences any form of sexual misconduct, the first step is to ensure his or her immediate safety, as appropriate to the program and locale. You can call a designated emergency contact for your program or telephone the 911 equivalent for the country where the assault occurs to assist you in reaching a safe place. Remember that you are not at fault for any sexual assault or sexual misconduct you have experienced. Further guidance on possible next steps can be found on the CSB + SJU Title IX Website.  

CSB+SJU students and employees engaged in education abroad programs are subject to the Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy at CSB+SJU, just as they are when studying or teaching on campus. However, if a student or employee experiences harassment or misconduct, it can be challenging to know what to do from a distance and in an unfamiliar environment.

When an assault or misconduct occurs in the course of an education abroad program, CSB+SJU will follow the Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy at CSB+SJU as much as possible, but laws and procedures in other countries, as well as policies and procedures at host institutions, may differ from US law and CSB+SJU policy. Moreover, the application of CSB+SJU policies to a particular case will depend on whether all parties involved are CSB+SJU students or employees, or whether non-CSB+SJU individuals are involved as well.

Faculty Directors and Staff who become aware of assault or misconduct affecting or committed by a CSB+SJU student or employee must follow CSB+SJU policy on reporting options and considerations even if they are not on campus due to federal mandates. While confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, a student's health, privacy, safety, and well being will be our highest priority. Information on how to report is available on the CSB+SJU Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy website. Because of the uniqueness of every case, CSB+SJU will guide you through your resources and options, including providing assistance in determining who else you wish to notify about the incident (such as Consular Affairs at the local US embassy or consulate, local law enforcement, the on-site program staff, program director, or a support person such as a friend or parent), and in reporting to the CSB+SJU Title IX Coordinator.

If all the individuals involved are students, CGE will confer with the Title IX team to determine whether and how to adapt measures that would normally be taken on campus to the education abroad program. Any CSB+SJU student who violates the CSB+SJU Student Code of Conduct or any other rules, regulations, or policies dictated by their program shall be subject to a variety of sanctions, outcomes, and interventions imposed by the program and/or CSB+SJU.

On-going Support

Anyone affected by sexual harassment or sexual misconduct, whether as complainant or respondent, may benefit from ongoing support during their time abroad and following their return to campus. Resources are available no matter how long ago the incident may have occurred.

CSB+SJU Resources
CSB+SJU Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy

CSB+SJU Student Resources

Project Embrace

Additional  Resources while abroad:

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