Center for Global Education Mission

Our mission is to deepen the level of global engagement and to enhance the global educational experience of every CSB/SJU student, staff, faculty, and community member.

Bringing the World Together

The Center for Global Education is responsible for spearheading the ongoing, comprehensive internationalization and globalization of the College of Saint Benedict and St. John's University. Rooted in Benedictine values and a strong CSB/SJU tradition of international programming, CGE promotes engagement with people, cultures and nations across the world.

The Center for Global Education offers education abroad and global programs and collaborate with other campus departments and entities to carry out the Center's mission. Together they provide cross-cultural learning opportunities that stimulate personal and intellectual growth, encourage critical analysis of local and international environments, and inspire students to go forth as global citizens to influence and improve their world.

Benefits of the Center for Global Education

benefit from the expanded practical learning experiences, with many study abroad opportunities offered and international exchange students coming to campus. Presentations, conferences, panels and the development of new courses enhance their cultural competencies.

Faculty benefit from research and travel funds that support the development of a coordinated research program. Faculty presentations, conference attendance and site visits ensure access to current research findings, best practices in education andstewardship and increased relationships with scholars and leaders in the field-enhancing student learning and the academic offering.

CSB and SJU benefit from greater collaboration and involvement in global research and opportunities. The center enhances a strong global emphasis on the college's common curriculum, fostering global awareness and leadership.

Surrounding communities benefit from increased public awareness of global opportunities and issues due to center initiatives such as panels, workshops and presentations.

The nation and world benefit from global citizens with practical experience and intercultural competency, driven by a passion to serve the world.