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Be engaged in global health work at CSB and SJU!

Join Global Health Affairs Club

Global Health Affairs (GHA) is a CSB and SJU club composed of students passionate about global health, community outreach, and health equity work. The mission of Global Health Affairs is to increase the awareness on global health issues amongst CSB and SJU students and the surrounding community. Each year, the GHA club will select an issue or focus area related to global health. Education, programming, and dialogue will be locally focused on that issue, without losing sight of the greater global context. This format supports compelling and focused initiatives that explore global health from a variety of lenses. Students will have the opportunity to educate themselves on contemporary issues, which will prepare them as they apply to graduate school, volunteer after graduation, and enter the workplace. Check out the GHA Instagram page and/or reach out to the club’s email [email protected] for information on how to get involved!

Apply for the CSB and SJU Summer Leadership Fellows (SLF) program

Each summer, several Summer Leadership Fellows intern with various health-focused organizations locally and abroad. Fellows are encouraged to connect with an internship site of their choosing in the non-profit or government sector. Several fellows work at organizations where they have opportunities to strengthen their Spanish language skills. In the past, fellows have worked with a variety of CSB and SJU partnership organizations including Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES), Hispanic Advocacy and Community Empowerment through Research (HACER), and WellShare International. In the past, these students have participated in global health summer dialogue groups, peer site visits, and global health gatherings (often involving food!). Check out the Summer Leadership Fellows webpage, contact XPD at the Experience Hub, or reach out to any of the Global Health advisors for more information on summer internships with global health organizations.

Study Abroad

Several of the CSB and SJU study abroad programs offer exceptional opportunities for global health learning and community engagement. Check out the options listed here, and contact the Center for Global Education at the Experience Hub for more information!

Connect with Global Health-related Clubs on Campus

Clubs and organizations like Extending the Link, a student-run venture that creates short documentaries focused on under-reported global social justice issues, and Square One, a student non-profit dedicated to implementing sustainable business strategies in developing communities, often choose global health themes for their yearly initiatives. Check out their websites and Instagram pages for the most up-to-date info and to learn how to get involved!

Additionally, if you are a student on a pre-professional track (ex. pre-medicine, pre-physician assistant, pre-dentistry, pre-physical therapy, etc.), join one of the several student clubs geared towards preparing students for these pre-professional careers. These pre-professional clubs frequently collaborate with clubs like Global Health Affairs to host global-health pre-professional events. See a full list of student club listings here.

Design an Independent Learning Project (ILP)/Participate in an Academic Internship

If you have a particular experiential learning experience in mind that is not already established, look into designing an ILP or participating in an academic (for credit) internship. If you are interested in these options, reach out to your Global Health advisor to discuss which option may be the best fit for you.

Tips for Applying to Public Health schools

Dr. Ellen Block talks with Grace Savard (CSB '22 Grad) about the process of applying to public health schools. We discuss: Preparing for a career in public health, subfields of public health, prerequisite courses to take, how to select schools to apply to and factors to consider when applying to schools, tips for the various components of the application (personal statements, resume, supplemental materials, letters of rec etc)., tips for using the SOPHAS system, how to find scholarships, networking, and more.

club members

Members of the Global Health Affairs club snapped a photo during the 2022 Global Health Career Exploration Day. Students spent the day in the Twin Cities meeting with several different public and global health professionals to learn about graduate school and career options in global/public health.

Why Global Health?

Feel free to reach out to any of our student or alum ambassadors with questions about global health at CSB and SJU, graduate school opportunities or careers in global health.

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