Global Health Curriculum

The Global Health Minor at CSB and SJU is a 20 credit interdisciplinary program that teaches students to think critically about global health challenges and solutions to global health problems. The program emphasizes the contributions that the social sciences and humanities – such as anthropology, sociology, history, communications and psychology – can make to understanding human experiences of health, illness and healing.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of global health, the minor is intended for students from any major. Regardless of your major, this minor can complement your current field of studies and prepare you for many careers in healthcare, public health, and human services. It is also excellent preparation for many graduate programs.

Quick Facts

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Requirements for the Global Health Minor

(20 credits)

Foundation Course

(4 credits, required)

Core Electives

(at least 1 course, 4 credits)

Two additional electives either from Core Courses or Perspective Courses:

Perspective Courses on Global Health
Targeted Elective

(4 credits)

Students and advisors will work together to find a 4-credit course that connects the student’s geographic, topical, or disciplinary areas of interest to their interests in Global Health. A study abroad course may count as a Targeted Elective. Courses in the Global Health Core and Perspective groups can also count as a Targeted Elective.

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning related to global health is strongly recommended in the US or abroad. Students can complete their EXP/internship for credit if helpful to complete their degree, but it is not required.

Additional Requirements