Global Health

The Global Health program helps students explore health challenges both locally and abroad.

The Global Health Minor at CSB and SJU is a 20 credit interdisciplinary program that teaches students to think critically about global health challenges and solutions to global health problems. The program emphasizes the contributions that the social sciences and humanities – such as anthropology, sociology, history, communications and psychology – can make to understanding human experiences of health, illness and healing.


About the program

Healthcare comprises more than knowledge of science and medicine—the health of individuals and communities is also shaped by wider economic, social, and political factors in our interconnected world. Global health is a compelling and growing field of study that examines the health of communities on an international scale, paying attention to issues of justice, inequality, and problems that transcend borders. The interdisciplinary Global Health Minor takes a liberal arts approach to the study of health within a global context. The unique courses and training provided by the minor will help students analyze some of the most pressing problems that shape our world, preparing students for exciting careers in healthcare, public policy, international service, and more.


Experiential Learning

Enrich your global health studies with hands-on learning. Participate in service learning trips as a part of semester-long and embedded study abroad programs. Do summer internships through the Summer Leadership Fellowships, participate in the Global Health Affairs club or conduct global health research with our Global Health faculty. Our global health advisors can discuss which opportunities might be a good fit for you.


Meet the Profs


Flexible Curriculum

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of global health, the minor is intended for students from any major.


Hands-on Learning

Clubs, Summer Leadership Fellows, Study Abroad

Student Resources

Why Global Health?

Feel free to reach out to any of our students or alum ambassadors with questions about global health at CSB and SJU, graduate school opportunities or careers in global health.

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Career Paths

Students with a global health minor will be prepared for a wide variety of careers both locally and internationally in healthcare, public health, non-profit work and more.

  • Public Health
  • Medical School
  • Peace Corps/humanitarian agencies/NGOs
  • International Services/development/program management/disaster relief
  • Social Work/Social Services with diverse populations
  • Public policy/healthcare policy/policy analyst/consultant/government agencies
  • Health administration/health economics
  • Public nutrition/food security

33rd Annual Peace Studies Conference

The Peace Studies department, the Global Health Steering Committee, Global Health Affairs Club, and the Central MN Community Empowerment Organization are pleased to announce the 33rd Annual Peace Studies Conference.

Partnership Equity in Global Health

Tuesday, September 13, 2022
Conference Details
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Ellen Block, Ph.D.
Sociology Department
SJU Simons Hall 118