Experiential Learning and Internships

Experiential learning is generally accepted to include the gaining of knowledge, applying the knowledge through an activity, and reflecting through a thoughtful analysis and assessment of how the activity contributes to personal growth. This learning is facilitated when the student participates actively in the learning process and has control over its nature and direction.

Global Business Leadership majors must complete at least four credits toward experiential learning as a discrete component of the major. Students may complete several projects if the learning is compatible with their coursework at the colleges. Current experiential learning for credit alternatives include: study abroad, practicums, and internships.

The management major experiential learning requirement can be fulfilled in the following ways:

  1. Study Abroad and...
    • Enroll in an approved business course while on the study abroad program. This is very common on the Australian program.
    • Enroll in a distance learning management ILP at CSB/SJU. These ILP's will be arranged individually with a professor.
    • International students enrolled at CSB/SJU are considered to be studying abroad and enrolled in several approved Global Business Leadership courses.
  2. GBUS 394—Practicum:  The Practicum includes both an on-site component and a classroom component.  The on-site component requires that a student engage in a significant leadership experience in an on-campus club/organization (club) or a significant management position in a student-operated venture on campus.  In order to register for this course, a student must submit a detailed proposal outlining what s/he will do as a leader or manager.  The proposal must be approved by the course instructor and, if applicable, the club/organization's advisor.  The classroom component will involve approximately 8 one hour class sessions on-campus.  Students will participate in class discussions and complete a series of readings and reflective assignments. 
  3. GBUS 397—Internship for credit: Practical off-campus experience with a solid academic component. Previous course work in management is necessary. An internship is a structured work experience that combines academic learning and career exploration in a professional work environment. An internship is a bridge between the classroom and the world of work. Students gain hands-on experience, learn new skills, and explore a profession while learning to apply and test theories and methods learned in the classroom. Contact a management faculty member who teaches in a field related to the proposed internship. Internship guidelines are available at the Internship Office website or at the Academic Services Building, CSB (1 -8 credits).