Molly Weyandt

Molly Weyandt, a junior management major and Spanish minor, came to the College of St. Benedict from Lake Elmo, MN where she graduated from Tartan High School. Unaware of the College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University, Molly was introduced to the institutions by a representative at the Minnesota College Fair. The physical environment the representative described left a lasting impression and Molly decided to participate in a campus visit. The minute she arrived here she was sold. She came during the first week of school, and Molly noticed how everybody was saying “hi” to each other and how all the people were “genuine and sincerely nice.” Molly also liked the natural environment that consisted of an abundance of lakes, trees, and wildlife. She wanted an atmosphere like this, as she had spent her entire life living in the cities and was ready for change. No one from her high school graduating class came to CSB/SJU but Molly was excited to step out of her boundaries and start a new experience on her own. Even though she came her knowing no one, Molly said she “felt at home right away.”

Upon being accepted into St. Ben’s, Molly met with the admissions staff to discuss her academic options. She was undecided about a major but was happy to learn how our liberal arts colleges offered aspects of many different programs through the required core curriculum. She was worried that it would take her five years because she didn’t have a major, but soon realized that “it is ok to be undecided here.” This gave Molly the opportunity to take a lot of classes and see where her interests lay. She decided to go forward with the management major.

Molly participates in many activities that help prepare her for the future. She was an RA (Resident Advisor) last year, and is currently a CA (Community Advisor). She stays actively involved by promoting the different activities on campus to her residents and by participating in intramurals, choir and the speech team. Molly is also a member of the Entrepreneurial Scholars Program (e-scholars). The focus of this group is globalization and how that affects every aspect of business. The group recently journeyed to San Francisco where they conducted informational interviews with entrepreneurs. This spring they will be traveling to Hong Kong for the same reason and also to discuss how China is changing in terms of business communications with the U.S. Molly plans on studying abroad in Chile next Fall to utilize the Spanish skills she has accumulated at St. Ben’s. Molly said, “I really think that learning another language and learning about another culture is important to me as a person, as a student, as a future business woman and as a conscientious citizen.” Molly was also chosen to attend a highly selective event called the Global Women’s Leadership Conference. She will work with women from all over the world to talk about diversity, and the many changing communities.

Molly’s future plans include working as an intern this summer. She also hopes to someday get into international business with an emphasis on sales or marketing.

Molly has advice for prospective students of St. Ben’s and St. John’s. St. Ben’s and St. John’s offer a number of great activities that brings everyone together. This keeps St. Ben’s and St. John’s away from being a typical “suitcase college” where many students go home on the weekends. It is also a very involved community that offers a little bit of everything. The classes are academically challenging, but the professors make a point of developing relationships with the students to help alleviate any problems with the work.

Molly wanted to make the most out of her four years here, and she has definitely accomplished that.