Meet our Students

How are CSB/SJU preparing you to lead in the world of business?

Daniel Hammerseng-Nelson

"CSB/SJU are preparing me to be a leader by putting me in challenging situations that reflect the real world. The courses that are involved with the Global Business Major will be very useful in the future because of the realistic nature of the curriculum. Being an active member of Enactus has also helped me become a strong leader because of the real world business experience that is involved with participation."

Julia Vang

"CSB/SJU are helping me to become a leader in the world of business by bringing alums to campus who work around the globe to share their experiences with students, emphasizing the importance of networking and conducting an annual career expo that offers students the ability to network with corporations."

Erika Rodby

"We are taking essential business classes from Creativity and Innovation in Organizations to Intercultural Management to Business Finance. CSB/SJU do an excellent job in preparing us for our futures as potential global leaders. "

Teddy Kline

"CSB/SJU have prepared me to be a leader in the world of business by the extensive group projects that I have had to complete including an in-depth industry analysis project that my team and I recently finished."

Jenna Laufers

"Not only do my professors encourage engagement in the classroom, but there is such a wide variety of clubs and organizations to get involved in to help strengthen leadership skills. Whether it's Enactus, Marketing Club, or getting involved with Entrepreneur Scholars, the possibilities are endless!"

Juhaan Johar

"Working and learning with a diverse crowd, CSB/SJU are teaching me the importance of working with people ranging from huge venture projects to class level group projects. The liberal arts education and double majoring has  given me an intense amount of knowledge that gets me to approach problems from different lenses."

Lizeth Martinez-Ayala

"The Entrepreneur Scholars program gives students a view into conducting business internationally and domestically. There is also Enactus which is a business club on campus giving students different opportunities to be a leader."

Frank Zellner

"We are being exposed to a broad range of disciplines to create a broad foundation that has both depth and breadth allowing us to be prepared to think critically as well as rationally. Time spent in smaller classes ranging from lecture to group work allowing us to embrace all aspects within business."