Lisa Kingsley

It only took a visit to CSB and SJU for Lisa to realize that this was the place for her. Growing up in a small town in northern Minnesota, she had very little exposure to CSB and SJU. Lisa credits her uncle, an SJU alum, for turning her on to St. Ben’s. “My uncle jokes with me now about how much I owe him for having a great college experience.” Sometime during the tour, while taking in the atmosphere of the campus, people, buildings and overall feeling the College, she made her decision. By the time she reached her car to head home she had made up her mind.

As a Dealer Support Representative, Lisa experiences much variety in her work. Her department is the first point of contact for Polaris dealers, so she spends about half of her day on the phone working through issues and problems with dealers. The rest of her time is divided among many different marketing and communication related tasks. “I put out the weekly Newsletter that is sent to all 1500 of our dealers, work closely with the Utility division, and track a number of different metrics related to call volume and cost to serve numbers.” She has also traveled to yearly dealer meetings as support staff and had the exciting opportunity to see new products before consumers.

As a management major Lisa participated in a lot of group/team projects. She feels this reflects how one actually works in a company. “Even though you may be the only person who does your position, you are more than likely part of a larger team working together to make the company better. Being assigned groups to work in by professors (however horrible it seems at the time) is also a great learning experience because you don’t get to pick who you work with in the real world.” Lisa specifically took classes geared more toward Marketing and one of her best experiences she has taken with her is from her Strategic Marketing class senior year where she had to create a business marketing plan from start to finish for a business being launched by two students in the Entrepreneurship class. She had only been at her job for six months when she was asked to come up with a Marketing and Communication plan for a dealer promotion at Polaris. “The previous knowledge I had from class was very helpful!”

Lisa’s advice to prospective high school students looking to enroll at CSB or SJU: “Explore all your options and then make a decision.  It is very important to consider everything about the college experience – on-campus living opportunities, study abroad programs, majors, class selection, class size, student life, etc.  CSB/SJU has so much to offer; you pick one college but have the benefit of two! Don’t let anyone make your decision for you – you will spend four years at the school that you choose and you need to be happy. I personally can’t imagine having a better experience anywhere else!”