Joseph Caughey

What made you choose GBUS as a major? 
It was a major that paired well with other interests and passions I have. 

What has been the most rewarding thing about GBUS? 
The diversity of professors and course materials. 

Where did you intern and what was your experience?
 I have had 3 internships

  • Railwerks - Marquette, Michigan
    • Marketing and product development intern
  • Mission Boat Gear - Plymouth, Minnesota
    • Sales and product development intern
    • Start up company founded in 2016 - grew to over a 3 million dollar business in my 2 years as an intern my freshman and sophomore year.
  • Rosenbauer - Wyoming, Minnesota
    • Business development/innovation intern
    • Billion dollar international company based in Austria
    • Developed a new platform of fire trucks for the North American fire service to provide better value, faster turnaround, and more options. This work laid the groundwork for the future of a nearly century old billion dollar company.

What advice do you have for students looking for an internship? 
The best internships are the ones where you knock on doors and have a company create a position for you. The fun ones are the ones where you seek companies out and say “hey let me intern for you, here is what I can offer you.”

What are your plans after graduation? 
Working for myself through my college start up Triink LLC ( TRIINK was started through the Entrepreneurs scholar program here at CSB/SJU. All the courses I have taken through the GBUS department have helped me in creating my business venture.

What is your dream Job?
To never fill out a job application 

Where did your study abroad?
J term in China was spent meeting and networking with manufacturers and business leaders in China. 

What makes GBUS unique? 
The flexibility it offers, not only with what courses you can take within the major but also what courses you can pair with it. I have been able to take courses in things I am truly interested in allowing me to shape my unique experience here as SJU.