John Hasselberg

John Hasselberg is a graduate of Gustavus Adolphus College with a theater based Fine Arts Administration Distributive major. He earned a JD from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in international law. He also has an MBA from the Carlson School of Management with a concentration in business, government and society. John has taught at Hamline University and Gustavus, and has been an adjunct lecturer at the U of M since 1985. He has been at CSB/SJU since 1989 and is currently an associate professor in the management department.

One of the primary reasons John came to CSB/SJU was to promote international study and travel. He has directed the international program to Southwest Normal University in China and the Greco-Roman program to Athens and Rome. Along with a colleague from Gustavus he led January term courses in London, Brussels and Paris and in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. As mentioned in the Board Update, he will be traveling to Hong Kong next month. John believes that CSB/SJU “make a wonderful home base from which our students can go out and explore the world and then return to reflect on and apply the fruits of that experience.”

The CSB/SJU commitment of caring for others and providing service to improve the lives of others is very real and very inspirational to John. “I find it rewarding to both experience and to reaffirm for others here the vital importance of helping build well-rounded citizens with concern and compassion for the natural world, the human community and the myriad wonders and paradoxes of the spirit with which they get to contend in our community. This is something that CSB/SJU does very well and of which it ought to be proud.”