Jenna Gebeke

Jenna Gebeke, a senior Management & Communications major from Arthur, ND has truly made the most out of her four years at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University.

When Jenna first began her college search, she thought she’d like to attend a big university. Her older sister graduated from St. Ben’s in 2003, so Jenna was already aware of the college but wasn’t immediately attracted to the size. After touring many big state schools and a few private colleges in California, she thought she’d tour St. Ben’s one more time. She realized that St. Ben’s was a perfect fit and that the small size would actually pan out in her favor. She ultimately chose CSB because she loved the community feeling, it was close enough to home (but not too close!), had amazing alumni connections and would allow her to forge her own path because of the small size.

Like many students, Jenna was immediately sure what she wanted to study. She had participated in DECA in high school and went on to compete in the National DECA Competition during her senior year. This initial exposure to business sparked her interest in the management major. After taking a few management courses, she realized it was the perfect major for her.

Over the past four years, she has participated in many activities that have allowed her the opportunity to utilize what she’s learned through the major. Last summer, Jenna interned with Petters Group Worldwide in Minnetonka. She was employed as a communications intern. She also co-founded the Marketing Club here on campus. She became especially interested in the marketing side of business and decided to create an interactive club that would allow students to gain real world exposure to marketing. The Marketing Club is currently working with a small Craft Brewery in Stillwater, MN.

Jenna had the opportunity to study abroad in South Africa last spring. While she was there, she assisted management Professor Sanford Moskowitz with research for a publication he was writing on the comparison of SME’s in the apparel and textile industry of Eastern Europe and South Africa. It was entitled “Outsourcing, Wealth Creation, and SMEs: The Internationalization of Services within the Global Textiles and Apparel Industry: Eastern Europe and Applications to South Africa.” Their paper was accepted to the 11th EBHA Conference in Geneva, Switzerland, however, due to some unforeseen circumstances they were unable to attend the conference and present the paper.

Jenna strongly believes that many of the activities she participated in throughout her years here have helped her in her management path. She recently accepted an entry-level consulting position with Accenture in Minneapolis that she will begin after she graduates in May.

Jenna has advice for students searching for the perfect major. She feels you should “choose a major you’re interested in and passionate about. One of the perks in attending a Liberal Arts college is that a student’s major is not always the most important thing – a student’s overall education is. If you enjoy your classes and can align your major with your passion or a goal, the major is not as important as the overall experiences you gain from it. These experiences will shape your future – not the major listed on your transcript.”