Isabel McKeown '18


Isabel McKeown
Isabel McKeown '18

What inspired you to become a global business leadership major?

I was one of the many students who came into college with no clue what they wanted to be when they grew up. My first year, I took economics, chemistry, math, Spanish, communication and more to try to explore my options at CSB/SJU. I wasn’t ready to commit to one area and after talking with various professors from the global business leadership department, I realized that with this major I didn’t need to commit. The global business leadership major opens the doors to the many areas of the business world without making you choose your specific path yet. With a liberal arts education, global business leadership major and minors in economics, Hispanic studies and Latino studies, my education at CSB/SJU is helping me develop a wide variety of skills to help me with whatever future I may have.

Why study global business at a liberal arts college?

My answer is simply, why not? The global business leadership major is exposing me to many business avenues while the common curriculum is exposing me to other areas like science, math and language. The liberal arts and global business experiences help build a large tool box of skills ready for an infinite possibility of future career paths.

What makes the global business leadership major at CSB/SJU unique?

The sophomore year cohorts that include six seminars on various business topics is one way the major is unique. It introduced me to a variety of business topics. It was also a great way to get to know my global business leadership peers and meet multiple professors within one year.

Another unique feature about this major is the required internship. Global business leadership faculty ensure that all students have some sort of real world work experience for their experiential learning credit. Global business leadership majors can leverage the strong Bennie/Johnnie network, career events and global business leadership faculty to find an internship, which I think is incredibly important in preparation for after graduation job applications. With the requirement and extensive help in networking and preparing for career events, I landed my summer internship with 3M’s Sourcing Department.

What advice do you have for students considering a major in global business leadership?

My advice is to talk with global business professors and students about global business leadership opportunities outside of the classroom and core requirements. Additional opportunities outside of the classroom are what allow you to practice and refine the skills and knowledge you learn in class. The global business leadership department has many opportunities in the form of clubs, teams and internship experiences. For example, I was a Mayo Innovation Scholar and it was by far my favorite and most rewarding experience at CSB/SJU. I would not have participated in this program if I hadn’t reached out to the global business leadership professors for additional opportunities outside of the classroom.

What has your experience with the CSB/SJU global business faculty been like?

I’ve had a great experience with the CSB/SJU global business leadership faculty. It is a big major, so I made sure to introduce myself to new professors right away and tap into their knowledge and advice. The faculty has been especially helpful by introducing me to the various global business leadership opportunities. They introduced me to and selected me for the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program and Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) advisory board and helped me network to get my internship.

What has been one of the greatest challenges you have faced?

I was not only indecisive about my major, but also about the business avenue I wished to pursue. The global business major introduces students to so many areas of business. I was challenged in deciding what area to pursue when searching for summer internships. In response, I did online research, asked for informational interviews and networked with alumni to discover that sourcing is one area that I believe lines up with my interests, skills and personality. My internship search was a challenge, but I was lucky to have the support of the global business leadership department and network to help me find an area that I am currently enjoying.