Internship Overview and Links

GBUS Internship Requirements:

GBUS students complete four hours of Experiential Learning in the GBUS major. Most commonly, students complete a four-credit internship.

Internships include both an on-site component and a classroom component. The on-site component involves hands-on experience in an organization with supervision and mentoring by a site supervisor. The classroom component (done via Canvas in the summer) includes class discussions, a series of readings and reflective assignments and a final reflection paper. Students are required to organize and execute a site visit with the faculty moderator and the site supervisor.

So, what are the hallmarks of an internship?

  • Work experience that connects to and enriches your academic business education
  • Intentional plan for professional mentoring to help you gain valuable skills for your career
  • Exposure to business management and leadership activities
  • Professional skill development
  • Career exploration & reflection