Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where do I start my internship planning?
    • Meet with your faculty advisor. We are all excited to help guide you in making this portion of the curriculum requirements a valuable and rewarding experience.

  2. How do I choose when to do an internship?
    • The majority of our students complete summer internships for a variety of reasons, including the ability to complete the internship at a site that is some distance from campus. However, you may complete an internship in the fall or spring semesters as well. Meet with your faculty advisor for guidance and help with your questions.

  3. I’ve found my internship. What are my next steps?
    • First, select the mandatory information session that fits your schedule. (LINK) During this session, the vast majority of your questions will be answered.
    • Second, see the sample learning goals. Begin thinking about what skills you hope to gain from your internship so you can craft learning goals that stretch you to obtain new skills and knowledge about business leadership and management.

  4. How do I select a faculty moderator?
    • Your moderator will be assigned to you by the semester or summer coordinator.

  5. I want a summer internship. How early do I need to start looking?
    • It is never too early! Many companies start recruiting for their summer interns as early as August and September. By the end of October, many companies have completed their hiring process. That said, there are still opportunities you can pursue throughout the school year. Work with XPD, your network, GBUS faculty and friends and family throughout your search.

  6. What are the ‘best practices’ in finding an internship?
    • ‘Best practices’ equals quantity practices. Try many, many different avenues to finding an internship. Those avenues include Handshake, XPD, job fairs, career sessions on campus, LinkedIn, professors, alums, family, friends.
  7. I really want to work in my family business, can this count for my internship?
    • Yes, it is possible although generally we recommend students consider interning outside of their family business to gain broader exposure.
    • If you are interning with a family business, you must have a non-family member to serve as your site supervisor.

  8. Can my summer job count for internship credits?
    • It depends. In order to count for internship credit, you need to have a plan for mentoring, connecting your experience to academic content, gaining exposure to upper level business functions, exploring career paths, and have an opportunity to acquire business skills. It is up to students to make sure that internships are designed in a way that meets all of these requirements.

  9. In addition to what I gain from working onsite at my internship location, what will I be learning?
    • The internship course facilitates reflection & helps connect work experience with academic work. The course will also help give students a broader perspective on the organization and the industry in which it operates.

  10. I had an awesome job last summer/last year. Can that count for the internship requirement for the major?
    • No. The value of an academic internship is the concurrent academic assignments and reflections while also learning from the work experience. You can not earn credits for past work experiences.