Intern Spotlight

How did CSB/SJU help you succeed in your internship?


Elizabeth Bosiacki
C.H. Robinson
Account Coordinator/Sales Intern (Eden Prairie, MN)

"Having the opportunity to be exposed to many different topics through the Sophomore Cohorts in the length of a year makes our business program unique from others." Read more.


Sam Valerius
Snipers Edge Hockey
Marketing Intern (Maple Grove, MN)

"Global Business is a great major for students who are interested in any aspect of business. In a world so globalized, this major — from a fantastic institution — provides students with insights into the global economy as well as business climates, and prepares you for real world scenarios you may encounter." Read more.


Maddie Dockry
Marketing & Sales Intern (London, England)

"My internship was at a small, technology start-up company called tillr. During my internship I wrote web based case studies for their website, used the company’s software to configure and streamline the development of new accounts, and provided sales support by researching information about potential buyers. The greatest challenges were adjusting to their work culture and trying to maneuver around the city." Read more.

Tyler Brakner
Reach India

Volunteer Office Assistant (Kolkata, India) 

"CSB/SJU has shown me the importance of being a global citizen abroad and applying it to the classroom setting back on campus. My education in Global Business and Asian Studies has helped me to learn the tools of what it takes to be a global leader and understand the complexities of the interdependent world that exist in today's professional world ."

William Canfield

William Canfield
Womack Army Medical Center

Business Operations Intern (Fort Bragg, N.C.)

"The Global Business Leadership curriculum emphasizes skills such as building relationships, problem solving, and teamwork - all attributes that allowed me to succeed in my internship. I've developed the ability to be flexible and embrace change in a fast-paced environment. CSB/SJU has equipped me with the skills necessary to succeed in any workplace."