Intern Spotlight

How did CSB/SJU help you succeed in your internship?

Lauren Guetzke
Target Headquarters
Business Analyst Intern (Minneapolis, Minn.)

"My experiences at CSB/SJU have taught me many skills I was able to transfer to the work place, some of the most important being communication, problem solving, and teamwork. CSB/SJU taught me to embrace ambiguity and look at problems from multiple viewpoints. Class projects and on-campus clubs also taught me how to work well in teams, especially when they have different styles, which is a crucial part of Target's culture."

Aneesh William
The China Guide
Marketing Intern (Beijing, China)

"CSB/SJU taught me many skills I was able to translate to my experiences abroad. The mentoring I receive and experience on-campus impacted my decision to study and work abroad. My in-class projects and the experience from working in clubs taught me to work well with a diverse group of individuals, which proved crucial for both succeeding in my internship and embracing the culture."

Annie Gorman
Marketing Intern (Santa Clara, Calif.)

"Nvidia is a highly diverse company, with employees and offices all over the world. My Global Business Leadership classes and my professors have taught me a great deal about interacting, working, and communicating with people from different cultures, and because of these teachings, I thrived in my internship. Additionally, my contributions to various clubs and group projects on-campus have expanded my leadership skills, work ethic, and proactive personality - all of which benefitted me at my internship and will continue to be an advantage in my professional career."

Tyler Brakner
Reach India

Volunteer Office Assistant (Kolkata, India) 

"CSB/SJU has shown me the importance of being a global citizen abroad and applying it to the classroom setting back on campus. My education in Global Business and Asian Studies has helped me to learn the tools of what it takes to be a global leader and understand the complexities of the interdependent world that exist in today's professional world ."

William Canfield

William Canfield
Womack Army Medical Center

Business Operations Intern (Fort Bragg, N.C.)

"The Global Business Leadership curriculum emphasizes skills such as building relationships, problem solving, and teamwork - all attributes that allowed me to succeed in my internship. I've developed the ability to be flexible and embrace change in a fast-paced environment. CSB/SJU has equipped me with the skills necessary to succeed in any workplace."