The global business environment requires a different type of leader. This new leader must have functional knowledge and analytical skills, yet be adept at leading teams of innovators. These leaders must have a global mindset that combines openness to and awareness of diversity across cultures and markets with a propensity and ability to see common patterns across countries and markets. At the same time in an organization with a global mindset, people view cultural and geographic diversity as opportunities to explore and are prepared to adopt successful practices and good ideas wherever they come from.

The global business leadership curriculum provides an intensive, community based, 16 credit sophomore course experience. Juniors and seniors take upper level core classes in global business and as seniors take a capstone advanced global strategy course. Students also complete a four-credit experiential learning experience to both draw upon topics learned in classes, but also to add the dimension of practical experience to develop new skills. Students will receive the opportunity to develop a global mind-set through study abroad experiences, international internships, and in-depth studies in doing business in a specific region of the world.

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