Faculty Member Wins Award

College of Saint Benedict and Saint John’s University Faculty Member Wins National Teaching Award

Business Professor Paul Marsnik Wins
Acton Foundation Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Award

Top St. John’s Student to Accompany Marsnik to Receive Award in Austin

AUSTIN, Texas (January 31, 2008) – College of St. Benedict and St. John’s University Professor Paul Marsnik will be honored Friday night in Austin as a winner of the Acton Foundation’s national award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education. Marsnik was nominated by one of his students for the award.

“Great teachers change lives by inspiring students to recognize their gifts and to learn how to use them to pursue a worthy dream. Paul Marsnik is one such great teacher,” said Acton Foundation President Rick O’Donnell.

“We want to recognize outstanding teachers who inspire students to become principled entrepreneurs,” continued O’Donnell. “Principled entrepreneurs are the ones who build great and lasting companies and non-profits that create jobs, increase wealth and improve our society.”

Marsnik was one of 27 teachers from across the country to win this year’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship Education Awards. Each winner is invited to attend a two-day seminar in Austin on entrepreneurship teaching, receives a $1,000 award and trophy.

In addition, winners are invited to bring with them to Austin one of their top entrepreneurship students. Students each receive $1,000 toward their education costs and participate in case discussions lead by Master Teachers from the Acton School of Business that put them in the shoes of a real entrepreneur.

The St John’s student joining Marsnik in Austin is Jon Goodman. Goodman is a junior majoring in Business Development.

All winners were initially nominated by students and then judged by a panel of master entrepreneurship teachers at Acton. In nominating Marsnik, one student said:

“Professor Marsnik has been nothing short of amazing in helping me grow as both a student and an entrepreneur. He has not only helped me understand new concepts, but has also personally formulated a schedule to help maximize my potential for generating new ideas. He is always looking out for my best interests and goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a professor”

Marsnik and Goodman will attend the two-day teaching awards event in Austin on February 1-2. Other awards will also be bestowed during the event, including three Master Teacher Awards (a $5,000 prize each) and Entrepreneurship Teacher of the Year (a $10,000 prize).

“This event will be a celebration of teachers that are making a difference in their students’ lives,” said O’Donnell. “We are bringing students and teachers together to jointly discuss how to make business education in America even better for future entrepreneurs.”

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