Emily Klehr

Emily Klehr, a senior management major and coaching minor from Jordan, Minnesota, came to the College of St. Benedict for a number of reasons. While beginning her college search during her junior year at Jordan High School, Emily knew she wanted to attend a private school because she strongly desired small class sizes and personal connections with her professors. Emily had a cousin who was a student at St. Ben’s during this time. She told Emily how amazing all of her classes were and how wonderful her professors were. Emily decided the only way she would know if she would like it was by participating in a campus visit. The moment she stepped on campus she was immediately attracted to the sense of community and hospitality that welcomed her. She said, “When you come to St. Ben’s or St. John’s, you just feel it.” Almost four years later, Emily still sees the sense of community and hospitality around both campuses. She is also pleased with the small class sizes the two institutions offer. Emily stated, “I was happily surprised to see that it was just like everybody had said,” while referring to the interactions and personal connections she has made with her professors over the years.

At first, Emily was a bit nervous to live in such close proximity with so many girls in the dorms, but after just a few weeks, she made a number of close girlfriends. She participated in student life by attending events hosted by the different dorms, which helped her meet many new people.

When Emily first arrived here, she had a number of different interests and areas of concentration she excelled in. In the end, she decided the management program was the best option for her. She liked how the management program was structured to allow students the ability to utilize many different skills. After taking a class, she found her passion lied within the area of marketing.

Last summer, Emily was able to demonstrate all she had learned at St. Ben’s and St. John’s when she took on an internship at the Best Buy headquarters as a Buyer Analyst. This internship led to a full time position with the company working as a Buyer Analyst. She hopes to “further develop into a Senior Buyer at Best Buy, and then eventually become a prominent female leader for a Fortune 500 Company.”

Emily believes that many of the activities she participated in throughout her years here have helped her in her management path. She is currently employed as an Academic Advising Assistant for management majors. She also helped to create a mentorship program which matches upper-class management majors with underclass management majors. This program serves to provide assistance to underclassmen and offer advice on their decisions about internships, study abroad options, and class scheduling. She is also involved at the Center for Women as a volunteer, and speaks for Career Resources to underclassmen about her experiences and future plans.

Emily has advice for students in high school who are interested in attending St. Ben’s or St. John’s. She feels that if you want to focus on education and like smaller schools with small class sizes, CSB/SJU is right for you. She also likes the tremendous amount of resources available to students on campus. Finally, she feels that St. Ben’s and St. John’s did an amazing job at preparing her for the future. She is excited to be part of the enormous CSB/SJU alumnae community, as they have helped her over the last few years. After graduating from here, Emily said, “You are a Bennie or Johnny for life.”