Global Business Leadership

200 Level Course Information

GBUS 202 Principles of Global Business (4 credits)

Students will develop an understanding of some of the functional areas of organizations, such as marketing, human resources, operations, organizational behavior and finance, and how these functions are interrelated. Students will study the social, governmental and ethical issues that affect the conduct of business within a global environment. The course will help students improve their communication skills and practice problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making. Students will apply their understanding of the principles of global business management to the challenges facing organizations and their varied stakeholders, who sometimes have conflicting goals and interests. Fall and Spring. Pre- or Co-Requisites: ACFN 111, ECON 111, MATH 124.

GBUS 203 Decision Making Analytics in Business (4 credits)

Managers need to analyze quantitative data to make decisions for the enterprises for which they work. Students will develop financial management and business statistics skills, applying and expanding upon their accounting, economics, and statistics foundation knowledge to analyze business problems. Students will also learn business analytics and data visualization techniques to analyze business problems and present information. Students will integrate these quantitative skills with the skills and knowledge gained in GBUS 202 to address pressing and challenging issues in global business practice in a comprehensive and rigorous manner. Fall and Spring. Prerequisite:  GBUS 202.

College of Saint Benedict
Saint John’s University

Kingshuk Mukherjee
Chair, Global Business Leadership
SJU Simons 264