Chelsey Jo Huisman

When Chelsey Jo Huisman was a first year student, she became curious when she heard of a new Entrepreneur Scholar Program to be offered on our campuses. Chelsey Jo decided to attend an Entrepreneur Scholar informational meeting where she heard about an emphasis on ambiguity and the ability to manage change. The challenge appealed to her and she enrolled into the program.

Chelsey Jo has spent a fast-paced second academic year learning how local, national, and global businesses market themselves to their respective communities. She conducted three informational interviews with professionals in their fields such as a representative from the Minnesota Trade Office who also serves as Minnesota’s ambassador to Asia.

Chelsey Jo also worked with a team of fellow Entrepreneur Scholars on an entrepreneurial project – to place a coffee house in the Clemens Library on the College of St. Benedict campus. While undertaking this project, she met with professional mentors such as a project manager who helped the team craft a business plan. Clemens Perk has been a successful business on the College of Saint Benedict campus now since 2004.

Chelsey Jo believes the Entrepreneur Scholars Program “Helped me get my foot in the door of the corporate world faster than I could have dreamed of. I’m fortunate to have been selected as an Entrepreneur Scholar to help me move forward and grasp what I need to know to compete in the business world.”