Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Flying High with CSB/SJU

Diane Scott and Mary Martin both Senior Business Analysts at Delta Air Lines spoke to MGMT 243 students on Thursday, September 29th. The topic of their talk was "Delta Air Lines Flying High with CSB/SJU." The talk included a detailed discussion of Delta, the Delta Cargo division, and information technology at Delta as well as provided practical advice for college students who will soon embark on their careers. Students were very interested to hear firsthand some of the details regarding one of the world's largest airlines. Diane and Mary did an excellent job in helping students to get a feel for what a typical work day is like at Delta and provided solid career advice to college students as they begin their job search.

The speakers reflected on the nature of today's tech savvy college students with great optimism stating: "Their enthusiasm, creativity, and energy will bring fresh ideas and ways of making this world a better place to live!" Given that our best and brightest students will lead us into the future, we have a lot to look forward to.

Thank you to Diane, Mary, and Delta for sharing your time and talent with the MGMT 243 class!