Mayo Scholars

Congratulations to Management Students

Ben Bitterman and Sam Steffl from management and Jake Moore and Dawid Chabowski from biology formed an interdisciplinary team to present in the Mayo Scholars program held at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. The Mayo Scholars program is in its fifth year and was started by a retired executive of Medtronic, John Meslow. The program is funded by the Medtronic Foundation, Mayo Clinic, and the MN Private College Council. There were twelve teams this year, representing 10 private colleges in MN. CSB/SJU had one team with Lisa Lindgren (Management) and Barb May (Biology) serving as co-advisors from the faculty. Sanford Moskowitz, management department, also provided valuable assistance to this year's team. Julie Christle from the CSB/SJU internship office has been involved from the beginning of the program, and provided great support this year.

Each team is given an actual Mayo invention to investigate the technical and market viability of the invention and to recommend whether to go to market and how to go to market. In most cases, the projects are based on medical devices or drugs that researchers at the Mayo Clinic have invented, and many have patents associated with them. This year, CSB/SJU team was tasked to do research into the general area of cardiovascular wellness devices and programs.

The presentations and reports are not rated or ranked, and the program is not a competition. The team was given wide praise for the depth of their research. The Mayo sponsor for the project indicated that the team had unearthed competitive and market information of which the Mayo team was unaware. He also indicated that the 94-page report would be a valuable source of information as they move forward.

Congratulations to the team for their fine efforts!