Amanda Urbanski


Amanda Urbanski is a senior from Papillion, Nebraska.

Saint Ben's senior Amanda Urbanski spent her summer in Shanghai, China. During her time there, the global business leadership major worked as an intern for a Chinese supplier and manufacturer.

Urbanski was first introduced to this company during her CSB/SJU study abroad trip to China in the spring of 2013. A year later, she contacted the company and they offered her an internship position.

"It was an easy adjustment the second time around," she said. "I had a better understanding of the language, the area and the culture."

Urbanski worked in several different areas within the company. Her assignments ranged from editing company manuals to working in product development and graphic design. "A lot of my jobs were very systematic," she said. "Most of the time, I was working with the company's product liability."

Urbanski said the firsthand experience she received during her internship was extremely beneficial. "I had to figure out what's in the market already, where the holes are in the market, and what our company could do to help," she said. "I even was assigned to make a presentation that the company would send to other executive's at large companies."

According to Urbanski, this experience has made her realize the quality of her relationships. "I've learned to be extremely independent but also to rely on those support systems that are always there for me," she said.

Ultimately, she hopes to expand on her experience in Shanghai and leverage her relationship with the company through consulting work in the future. "I've learned things that are of interest to me of now, that I had no idea about before," Urbanski said. "Now I know what to look for in a company for my future job."

"Pinpointing a bad experience is hard for me to do, because honestly I probably would do it all over again. The positives definitely outweighed the negatives."