Samantha Noble '10

So many choices, why major in management?

Entering college, I had a few ideas of "what I wanted to be when I grew up." With an entrepreneurial father, business has always fascinated me. I was fortunate enough to be able to work for him during the summers and foster that fascination. I gained experience in a number of different fields including sales, marketing, and operations while working there. I majored in management because it allowed to me to explore a number of business routes, yet create a structured plan if I was more interested in a certain specific field. The variety of business classes required in the major prepared me to transition into a professional career faster than I could have imagined.

Be Your Best Self:

It is easy to get lost in the grind of schoolwork during college. Don't let yourself. I think it is extremely important to be well-rounded and participate in clubs, sports, study abroad etc. The school offers so much, and it is wasteful to not take advantage of these opportunities. The liberal arts experience also forces you to develop as a citizen.  During my college career, I participated in Varsity golf, was the president of Marketing Club, and traveled abroad to Australia. The school has so much to offer, but remember, it is up to you to take the first step.

Where I am now:

While I interviewed at a number of different companies for positions in both sales and marketing, I finally found the perfect fit I was so happy to be able to continue to live in the tradition after graduating, as I now work for a St. John's graduate. Our college experience is so unique, and our alums are eager to help students break into the working world. I am living proof that the Johnnie/Bennie network is alive and well. Being the first Marketing Manager for Retail Tech, I have already enjoyed the challenge of creating my own department. I like the independence in my position and have enjoyed the branding/marketing side of business.  

The Bennie Network: Advice to Students:

My advice is simple: Don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Get to know your professors and classmates. Try new things, and take advantage of networking events on campus. Never miss out on an opportunity to meet someone new, you never know where that relationship might lead you.