Sadie Simcox '05

I graduated high school in 2002 and then in 2005 from CSB/SJU with a degree in Marketing Management. After college I didn't land the dream job so I packed my bags and spent a year off in Hawaii. Beautiful and luxurious as it may be, I didn't go to a top notch school to not use my education. I came back home and started my first professional job with a small outsourcing recruitment firm. After being there for a little over a year, I wanted to get away from recruitment and into the field I studied. Currently I am working as a Project Administrator in Marketing Services for BI. BI is a privately help company that produces measurable results and solutions for companies in multiple avenues. BI is that magic fit and I see a future here.

Why I chose Business Management Degree, emphasis in Marketing;

I enjoy working with people, and I enjoy engaging with people. The strategic planning of how I can change a large group of peoples ideas or thoughts by changing a color on a tagline or product placement i.e., Oreos by milk is something I fully enjoy. When I was in college, the further I got into my major the more I knew it was the right one.

Tips and suggestions:

You have an amazing team of peers and College staff waiting with open arms to help you. As you can see from my years at CSB/SJU, I graduated in 3 years instead of a traditional 4-5. I took extra credits and summer school to make this possible, and I couldn't have done it without the Administrative team's help leading me in the right direction.

The Career Center - I fully realize now how I did not use the center to my best interest. The Career Center is a wealth of knowledge as well as a hub of networking capabilities for you to find what your next life step will be. These peers and staff are there to help you hone in on your best strengths, to lay it on paper, to help you have amazing interview skills. Why not use what they are giving you?

2. Try out new things.
Before I went to CSB/SJU I did not want to take Theology or History classes, mainly because I had no interest, however after taking my first year of required generals. I actually really liked those classes and continued to take one each year. These classes are required for a good reason and I am glad I had them.  Don't be afraid to venture outside of the box, to try something you wouldn't normally like and after you've ventured - go bigger...i.e. crew team, theater, political science - this is a time in your  life were you get to try anything you want.

3. Have a good attitude and think BIG PICTURE!!!
When you are working towards that dream job know that you may get turned down before you get there and you are going to have to start from the bottom, (which is a great place because you get to meet everyone and receive a solid base of knowledge which will have you well respected when you get to the top some day). When I got my first professional job, was it my dream job? - No - was it an educational experience? YES!! The chances of you finding/getting the job you will have for the rest of you life right out of college is slim, especially in this degree. But that's the best part - IN THIS DEGREE. We are tremendously lucky to be in this field and take it anywhere we want. It might be in marketing, management, owning your own business, communications, ANYWHERE. Originally, I didn't know if I wanted to be in recruitment, after my first position it was apparent I didn't want to be in recruiting but because of a positive engaging attitude I learned what employers look for, "hidden secrets" as I like to call them, that each hiring manager wants to see on a resume, and what that extra effort was to get me thru the door. Without that experience, I would have never received the privilege of working with BI.