Michelle Crea '07


General Mills - Foodservice
Foodservices Operator Specialist


Do you ever stop to think why am I eating Cheerios at Saint Ben's/Saint John's?
Or why is there Yoplait on campus?
As a Foodservice Operator Specialist I am a Direct Sales Representative for General Mills Foodservice Business. It's my job to manage and grow General Mills Business on College Campuses , K-12s, Hotels, Hospitals and Businesses. It's people like me who partner with the CSB/SJU hard working Foodservice Dining Team to provide them with new products, marketing, events and promotions that drive General Mill's Business and keep students (like you) intrigued and enjoying your dining experiences.

If you like networking, enjoy business management and have competitive entrepreneurial spirit, Sales is a great path! My days are full of Sales Calls (sitting down face to face with my customer), Marketing Plans, Promotions and Events that I organize and orchestrate. I work out of my home office and my car.

Generally, people assume Sales Representatives are commissioned, however, a large number are not commissioned and are based on salaries. However, it all depends on what type of sales you're interested in and the company you work for. Although Sales end goal is about persuading and convincing it's more about helping your customer find successful resolution to a problem. A problem like keeping 5,000 college students satisfied with their campus food options for 243 days a year.
So next time you're eating at McGlynn's, Sexton, Gorecki or The Reef stop and think, who must have talked to Chef for this to be sitting in front of me.


College Advice: As everyone says, Get Involved and Network! Keep an Open Mind and Be Open to New Experiences because you never know where they will lead you. Study Abroad is a Must! Participate in Career Panels and ask for Business Cards and Follow Up Informational Interviews.

Internship/Career Hunting Advice
Start Early: Most large companies will have hired their Summer Interns hired by the end of Fall Semester. Most companies are done by February.

Don't be afraid to "Fall Into Something":

You can be the hardest working person, but luck will always factor in. My first internship was with BBDO Worldwide Advertising in Account Services. I fell into this paid internship due to my hard word and dedication towards trying to find a Public Relations Internship my sophomore year of college. I had put so much dedication into PR that I was applying everywhere, including Advertising Agency's. Before this internship I didn't have a clue about Advertising or Marketing, but I suddenly found my calling, strength and voice. This internship lead me into my Management/Marketing directive minor.

Be proud of your accomplishments. Whether is a great paper, a website you designed, a video of a speech you gave, keep copies to develop an organized Portfolio.

Ask Professors or other Professionals you work for Reference Letters keep copies in your portfolio as well as an arsenal ready to show people upon request.

When interviewing Portfolio's set you apart from your competition. You are not only showing your creative organizational skills, but the actual accomplishments you completed and your foresight.

Utilize the Career Resource Centers. The whole reason you're in college is to further your education to better prepare for your future career. Saint Ben's and Saint John's provide one of the best Career Centers' I've seen. Yes, they will rip your resume apart! Go Fix It and become better and stronger.

Don't forget to have some fun!