Katie Goodin '08

Why I chose a Mgmt Major

I chose to major in Management, because I knew I was interested in a career in business, but I wasn't quite sure what path I wanted to take.  The variety in coursework in the major really appealed to me.  I was able to take classes in marketing, accounting/finance, leadership/org. behavior, and strategy, which allowed me to learn about multiple career paths in management.  My favorite courses were Strategic Management and Marketing.

Why I chose Target

I first learned about Target at a CSB/SJU Career Services event that featured a panel of alums from companies in the area.  A career in retail really appealed to me because I could combine my interest in numbers and marketing/strategy.  I interned at Target after my junior year and really liked the people and the many opportunities I would have to learn a lot and be a part of such a successful company.

I'm currently working in merchandise planning as a Business Analyst in Girls apparel.  I'm responsible for managing the inventory for some of our largest brands and ensuring that what I'm buying is driving sales and aligning with our strategies.  I also analyze sales trends on our product and as I've become more senior in my position, I've had the opportunity to propose product and assortment ideas to my buyer.  There are numerous opportunities to move within the organization and regardless of where I ultimately end up, working at a company like Target has been an amazing first step in my career.

Advice for Students

I can't emphasize enough how important it is to get involved-both on and off campus.  Not only is involvement important to show potential employers that you're well-rounded, it's also a great way to meet new people and learn about what you're interested in/good at.  Don't be afraid to try something you've never done before-there are so many opportunities for involvement at CSB/SJU! 

Also, use the resources available to you.  Career Services is of course a great place to start for resume tips, interview practice, and job opportunities.  However, don't forget about your network.  Family, friends, alumni, and even professors are great people to go to for advice-it's always helpful to learn from other's experiences!