“Listen...with the ear of your heart.” This project aims to create a community of do-gooders, thinkers, creators, and people who love to use their smarts to better the world. To get a sense of what the ideal end goal would look like, check out the Nerdery Overnight Website Challenge.  We want to connect local non-profits with the business help they need, specifically in the tech and digital marketing realm. They may need a website built, a revamp of their social media presence, or some other technical help. We aim to provide these services for nonprofits free of charge, whether it be by passionate students, faculty, or community volunteers. The project will likely start off by helping just a handful of nonprofits, but the vision for our end goal is to host an event similar to the Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge, which will require research, outreach, event planning, and more. This project will hopefully attract the attention of students not only in business, but also in computer science and art. This project would offer invaluable real-world experience for students, while also doing good for our community. This project already has strong support from an alum, Aaron Smith (who owns Smitty's Workshop) and several other alumnae involved in the McNeely Center who are passionate about student entrepreneurship.