Why Gender Studies?

Studying gender provides you with a focus on the role of gender in both the lives of men and women, a combination that recognizes the collaboration between CSB as a women's college and SJU as a men's college.

In addition to learning about important perspectives and increasing awareness of social roles, Gender Studies provides the knowledge needed to make you more effective and marketable in your profession.

Learning Goals:

1. Students will be able to apply multidisciplinary frameworks to:

  • Contribute to an inter- or multi-disciplinary consideration of gender and/or sexuality over time and across cultures;
  • Investigate how concepts of gender intersect with factors such as race, class, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and/or nationality;
  • Demonstrate how social, political, legal, and/or economic power is experienced differently on the basis of gender;
  • Analyze controversial gender-related issues.

2. Students will be able to relate knowledge gained in their Gender Studies coursework to a broader spectrum by:

  • Articulating how it relates to the world around them;
  • Participating in an experiential learning project designed in consultation with the Gender Studies faculty.


Did you know that...

  • Businesses prefer applicants with awareness of gender dynamics in leadership
  • Government and non-profits look for graduates with knowledge of gender implications in public policy
  • Graduate programs expect students to have expertise in the scholarship of gender and women's studies
  • Schools look for teachers whose teaching methods display gender awareness
  • Health providers expect knowledge of gender and its impact in health research
  • Global initiatives require knowledge of gender roles in other countries

In short, Gender Studies will help you understand the world and function better in it.