Political Science Course Descriptions

314: Feminist Political Theory. (4)  

If there is one common theme in feminist thought, it is a claim to equality that cannot be ignored. This course examines the many varieties of feminist political theory including liberal feminism, radical feminism and socialist feminism. Students will look at how feminism has dealt with gender, ethnicity, sexual preference and examine where feminist theory is going into the future. Prerequisite: POLS 221 or consent of instructor, POLS 311 is strongly recommended. Every alternate year.

339: Gender and Public Policy. (4)  

Analyzes public policy processes and decisions as they influence and are influenced by men and women differently. Students investigate criteria for gender-neutral policies, and evaluate the likelihood and usefulness of such policy approaches. Every alternate year.

352: Global Gender Issues. (4)  

Gender is now regarded as a fundamental variable in analyzing and understanding social, political and economic developments around the world. In this course, the focus is to identify the significance of gender at a global level. Examination of gendered division of labor in industrialized and developing societies, in particular, gendered discourses in development policies and gender-based economic strategies of modernization and restructuring. Beyond the economic realm, the course will also deal with other issues, such as wars, peace movements and concerns over military spending, which show remarkably similar patterns in terms of gender differences over policies. Every alternate year.