History Course Descriptions

361: American Women to 1920. (4) 

Images and experiences of American women from the colonial period to 1920, concentrating on the 19th-century. Topics include the evolution of feminine images from Eve to nurturing mother, the rise of early feminism and development of the suffrage movement, and female experiences in the family, at work, in politics and in the churches. Alternate years.

362: American Women Since 1920. (4) 

American women's experiences, roles and images since winning the vote in 1920. Examines women's work, the evolution of new images through film, changes in women's status during the Depression, World War II and the 1950s, challenges to traditional views through the development of feminism, and the role of gender in recent public policy. Alternate years.

333: Gender and Society in Western Europe. (4) 

The history of women and gender roles in western Europe from Middle Ages to the French Revolution, with particular emphasis on the Renaissance and Reformation period. Topics to be considered include religion, the family, sexuality, work, politics and the discourse on women's nature. Every year.

364: American Religious Culture. (4) 

Not a history of churches but an analysis of the changing cultural meaning and experience of religion in America. Considers why American religious experience has been so diverse, how religiosity has shaped our society, and how in turn society's values and structure have shaped religion. Primary focus on the 19th and 20th centuries. Alternate years.

365: Native Americans, 1890-Present. (4)  

Examines how factors such as treaties, religion, education and economics fostered either cooperation or conflict between the Indian nations and the United States from 1890 to the present. Every year.