How Do I Major or Minor in GWST?

Requirements for a MAJOR in Gender and Women's Studies (40 Credits)

GWST 101 – Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies (4 credits)

GWST 381 - Sex and Gender in Global Perspectives (4)

GWST 380 - Gender Theory (4)

GWST 385 - Senior Capstone in Gender & Women’s Studies (4)

GWST Experiential Learning Component (0-4). The GWST experiential learning component reflects a long-standing tradition in women’s studies whereby students explore the intersections between their own lives and their academic coursework. Students must obtain prior approval of the project from the chair of GWST. Possible experiences include an internship, service learning with an extensive gender theme, or an Independent Learning project.

Five or six additional 4-credit courses (20 - 24 credits) are needed for a total of 40 credits in GWST courses. Courses may be those cross-listed with the GWST program, or courses approved by the director of the GWST program. At least four major courses (16 credits), in addition to GWST 380 and 385, must be at the 300-level. No more than one of these courses (4 credits) can be an independent learning project. No more than three courses counting toward another major can be applied to the GWST major. Within these 20-24 credits, students must meet the following distribution requirement: at least two courses from Humanities/Fine Arts and at least two courses from Social Sciences/Natural Sciences.

Focus Statement. Upon application to the major in the sophomore year, each student will turn in, with the application form and transcript, a one-page focus statement in which the student reflects on the individual comprehensive learning goals for the major in GWST. This statement will direct the student's next two years of study and will assist GWST faculty members to more productively advise each major. The statement, which can be amended, should include;

  1. why the student chose Gender & Women’s Studies as a major;
  2. a particular focus in gender studies, e.g., Gender and the Economy, Gender and Global Perspectives, Gender and History, Gender and Psychology, Gender and Religion.
  3. a feasible four-year plan that includes the required components of the major and lists specific courses that support the stated focus.
  4. possible internships and careers that emerge from the focus and are of interest to the student at the time of application to the major.

Requirements for a MINOR in Gender and Women's Studies (24 credits)

GWST 101 – Introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies (4 credits)

GWST 380 - Gender Theory (4)

Four additional 4-credit courses (16 credits) are needed for a total of 24 credits in GWST courses. At least 12 of the 24 credits must be from 300 level courses that have been approved for the minor (designated in each semester's course list). To ensure the multidisciplinarity of the minor, no more that 8 credits may be taken from the same department.