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March 26-April 2, 2017
Sex Trafficking Awareness Week

Sex Trafficking is an incredibly important yet largely ignored social justice issue that impacts people’s ability to prosper as well as society as a whole.  This issue impacts each person differently according to their gender identity.  Women, transgender individuals, and homosexually-oriented persons, for example, are at greater risk of being victims of sex trafficking while men are more likely to be perpetrators of the crimes against them.  This year, we are focusing on exposing sex trafficking as a local issue that affects our own community.  The week’s events include speakers, documentaries, service opportunities, almsgiving opportunities, and interactive activities that encourage education and advocacy about sex trafficking. 

Cece Terlow, founder of Heartland Girls’ Ranch and a new shelter for sex trafficking victims in Saint Cloud, will be speaking on Monday, but the time is to be determined.  Students will receive further details through email, including a definite start time (either 6:30 or 7:00pm).  Second, the Urban Plunge to Heartland Girls’ Ranch is a service opportunity provided by CSB Campus Ministry for which students must register.  Again, students will receive specific information through email in regards to registration.