March is Women's Month! See IWL Spring 2021 Events here


Health is Intersectional


2021 Interdisciplinary Conference on Men and Masculinities

American Men's Studies Association

Conference Registration Information

Registration Opens March 15th/Conference is June 17, 2021 (Virtual Conference - Hosted by University of Washington Tacoma)

Presenters must register by April 1st


Attend the National Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland (November 1-2, 2021 - students attend one week)!

Applications due 5 pm Tuesday, March 16, 2021. For more information, click here


Join the ES Department to view 4 short films from the American Conservation Film Festival!

March 24, 6:30 pm

Zoom ID: 978 0303 9952

We will be viewing four short films with a focus on conservation, but with a specific mind to be representing diverse backgrounds and experiences. Two of our films are focused on women and their experiences, one is from an indigenous perspective, and the last being one of representation of diverse sexualities in the outdoors. 


Join us for Gender Studies Spring 2021 Film Series. For more information, click here


SCSU's weekly Women on Wednesday (virtual) series has started up for spring 2021 and will continue all semester!

For more information on the WOW series and other upcoming/past speakers, visit their website:



WHAT: TALKING WITH  (a play) by Jane Martin  

WHEN March 18, 19, 20, 21 and 25. 26, 27  (live & streaming) 


A series of ten different stories acted by ten different women; each is a monologue. Each scene is completely different, yet each one deals with the individual's "aloneness" in relation to cultural and social expectations. Every story is appropriate to 2021 as each of us have had to spend more and more time isolated from others.  The scenes culminate in the last story in which the tattooed woman relates how a knife-cut on her face made her "visible" to others; her new mission is to pass along this gift to other “invisible" women. 


As Actor prepares for the play to begin, she demands the right to see her audience  

Housewife vacuums while dressed as a character from OZ because of her need to escape reality 

Daughter shares the pain when a loved one leaves by dying--as they let go, we want to hold on. 

Woman bronco rider bemoans the Disneyfication of the Rodeo, from real to entertaining illusion 

Young woman twirls a baton as a form of sending her prayers to God 

Woman uses light as an exquisite metaphor as she slowly turns off multiple lamps onstage 

Young woman from a family of religious snake handlers explains her faith 

Woman, in and out of labor contractions, defends her choice to give birth to a child with challenges 

Homeless woman’s perfect dream of living in MacDonald’s helps her make it through the day 

Tattooed woman: a facial knife-cut scar inspired her commitment to change other “invisible” women 


QUESTIONS?  Contact Kaarin Johnston Theater Dept.  (production director)


Videos available to view on Gender

Global Gender Issues Conversations: Dr. Jennifer Piscopo


Videos available provided by Gender Studies Faculty

Rermembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Join an interdisciplinary group of CSB/SJU faculty and staff who regularly teach about Justice Ginsburg as they reflect on and honor her life and legacy.


View the Gender Studies Department Film Series: Making Hope (Recorded fall 2020)

The Gender Studies Film Series; Making Hope, strives to promote activism and social justice. We have the power to make hope; for ourselves, for others, and for the world. 

“Knock Down the House,” Facilitator: Pedro dos Santos

“The Central Park Five,” Professor Jonathan Nash

“Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” Professor Kelly Kraemer

To view the films and discussions in their entirety, click here.