Women's History month - March 2020 Events listed here.

Join the Japanese Department for a viewing with the filmmaker on Shusenjo  (documentary on Comfort Women).
March 9
7:00 PM
ART 102

Gender sexuality and Inclusion: The Assets and Challenges of our Catholic Benedictine Traditions

Thursday March 12, 11:15 am-12:30 pm

Gorecki 204B

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Thursday, March 12, 4 pm

Powerful Women Doing Powerful Things: Twin Cities Edition: IWL will be having a site visit to Jamf, a technology company in the cities to promote women working in typically male-dominated fields, and/or professionals working at women-owned companies. Jamf, Sleep Number, Keyot and State of MN representatives, whom will all be women are current partners in this networking and panel event at Jamf. (Contact IWL for more information)

Gender, Faith & Politics Overnight Retreat
March 13-14 Episcopal House of Prayer

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World Speech Day, Monday, March 16
Gorecki Fireside

World Speech Day is a global event that encourages communication within the community. The theme of the day is “Transformation. Hosted by CSB/SJU Communication Department. For more information, contact Professor Emily Paup

Women's Suffrage Movement History Info-session

Monday, March 23
6:00-7:30 pm
Upper Gorecki 204

The IWL would like to take this opportunity to discuss and address things that were overlooked in the Women’s Suffrage Movement a hundred years ago, specifically intersectionality and women of color. We will be inviting a speaker for this event to facilitate part of the discussion regarding the lack of inclusivity during the movement.

Elect her (AAUW) w/ CSB Senate 

Tuesday, March 24th 

Time and location TBD 

A one-day workshop with The American Association of University Women (AAUW). Participants will be able to discuss the importance of women running for office, craft and deliver elevator speaches, learn about campaign strategy, network with CSB senators and elected female role models in our community, and more. The purpose of this event is to encourage Bennies to see the leader in them, so they can confidently run for CSB Senate and other Political offices.  

Keynote Speaker, Dr. Julie Dolan 

Wednesday, March 25 


Upper Gorecki 204 

This year, the IWL is excited to have Dr. Jule Dolan to be our keynote speaker for Women's History Month. Below are some links to her information and book. 

About Dolan 

Her Book

Christi Siver Living A Feminist Life

Tuesday, March 31


Quad 170

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Colorism is a Feminist Issue

Tuesday, March 31st 


Upper Gorecki 204 

An interactive discussion on colorism-what it is, how it intersects with feminist ideas of intersectionality, and how is can be combatted in and outside of our community.  

The Panza Monolagues

Thursday, April 16th 

Time and location TBD 

The IWL are proud to present a live reading of "The Panza Monologues," which is an original solo performace piece based on women's stories about their panzas. "Panza" is the Spanish word for "Belly," and the monologues "explore the connections between bodies, culture, and politics from a Latina feminist perspective."