English Course Descriptions

325: Studies in Drama. (4) 

Study of a number of plays related to one another by theme, historic or national provenance, subgenre or by some other significant connection. Prerequisites vary according to the plays covered. Offered irregularly.

355: Studies in Individual Authors. (2 or 4) 

Study of several works by one or two authors. Works in translation acceptable. If the course focuses on two authors, students may register for either AB or CD mods or both. Fall.

381: Literature by Women. (4) 

Selection of works written by women. Prerequisite: fulfillment of HML literature. Spring.

385: Studies in Literature. (4) 

See listing under Special Courses. Prerequisite: fulfillment of HML literature. Offered irregularly.

386: Studies in Film.

Study of films in the context of one or more critical theories. Prerequisite: fulfillment of HML literature. Spring

388: Studies in Popular Culture. (4) 

Critical reading of such popular arts and practices as film, tv, music, newspapers, etc. Fall, alternate years.