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Studying Gender Studies at CSB/SJU allows each student to understand the world and how individuals function in global markets today. Gender Studies graduates participate in careers in varying fields including law, social work, social justice and injustice, education, politics, diplomacy as well as grant writing, lobbying and communications. All career fields will benefit from having a Gender Studies education. You will be able to use your classroom education in a variety of ways including advocacy, equality, and current issues with respect to gender studies.

Internship Programs

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Akamai University

Simmons College

University of Maryland

       Useful job search links:

  • Feminist Career Center- Updates and job listings through email or regular search of current jobs available along with feminist related internships.
  • Links to various related websites containing information and job opportunities in the field of Gender Studies.
  • National Consortium- Directors of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Resources in Higher Education. Lists current jobs within the United States for Gender related positions. The offerings are removed 60 days after initial posting.
  • MSW Programs - The Ultimate Guide to Careers in Social Work.