Learning Outcomes

Understanding the Goals of a Liberal Arts and Sciences Education

Students engage with the key concepts of a liberal arts education, which includes the acquisition of a broad base knowledge, the development of general intellectual, creative and communication skills, and the ability to integrate knowledge across different domains. They will appreciate how exposure to the arts, humanities, and the sciences can enrich their personal and professional lives.

Developing a Meaningful Life Purpose

Students will reflect on their core values as they map out their personal, academic, and career goals. They will explore opportunities to further the pursuit of these goals both on and off campus. Students will recognize the interrelatedness of their own wellbeing and the common good and reflect on their obligations to others in the CSB/SJU and broader communities.

Personal Well-being

As Catholic, Benedictine institutions, we are committed to educating the whole person. Students will develop habits for sustaining healthy living and relationships and for making good decisions. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of a holistic approach to physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Healthy habits include: nutrition and healthy eating, adequate sleep, stress management, financial management, social connections, interpersonal relationships, substance use, sexual health, mindfulness and spirituality, physical activity and exercise, and an appropriate response to challenge.

Academic and Professional Skill Development

Students will demonstrate growth in the skill areas associated with professionalism and academic success.

Explore and Expand Intercultural Agility

Students recognize the ways that diverse perspectives, cultures, life experiences, and values contribute to our knowledge and they will incorporate this knowledge into their decision-making processes. Students are encouraged to engage with people whose cultural identity and backgrounds differ from their own.

Gender Identity

Students will demonstrate an understanding, acceptance, and respect for their own identity as a gendered person and of persons who have a gender identity that is different from their own.