2018/19 FYS Faculty

FYS 2018/19

Name                                    Course Title                                              
Bolin, Chris Identity and the Imagination
Callahan, Matt Modern Stories, Modern Life
Cheever, Amelia TBA
Connell, Martin God, Dating, Sex, and Porn
Crumley, Jim Women and Math & Science
DeBlieck, David Cultures of Dance
dos Santos, Pedro Fake News? Information Literacy in the 21st Century
Drazenovich, Dana Our Mediated Reality
Gordon, Ted Power and Privilege
Hendricks, Kristi Immigration - Past, Present and Future
Hinchley, Janelle The Challenges and Dilemmas of Living Sustainable in Contemporary Times
Hurt, Nicole Living Sustainable Lives and Lies
Immelman, Pam Community
Jantzer, Amanda The Stories We Tell
Jantzer, Jacob Somebody to Love
Johnson-Miller, Betsy Beginning Your Reading Life
Kamakahi, Kate Contested Terrain: Assumptions, Expectations, and Simplifications
Kendall, John Doomsday, the Apocalypse, the End of the World, and the Beginning of the World
Langston, Cara Re-reading Children's Literature
Larson, Derek Imagining the Future
Lindgren, Carl The Monsters We Make
Lynch, Julie Communicating Mindfully
Mancuso, Luke Looking Hard at Movies:  A Critical Introduction to Film Studies
McClure, Kyle Finding Home: Writing about Place and Identity
Merritt, Brittany Wakanda Forever: Afterlives of Empire
Nelson, Sheila Identity & Community: Differences that Unite & Divide
Pagnucco, Ron Topics in Global Studies
Peterson, Cindy Passport to Crime: Exploring International Crime Fiction
Piggush, Yvette In Search of Belonging: Whose Am I? 
Reichert, Matt Just Stick to the Script?
Riley, Susan How We Got to Here
Schroeder, Greg Fascism: Past and Present?
Smith, Shannon Gender & Growing Up
Gordon, Ted Power and Privilege
Hayes, Nick The Fourth Seal: Epidemics and Society from the Black Death to Aids
Kraemer, Kelly First Nations
Malone, Cindy Food, Film, Fashion, and Physics: Contemporary Writers Explore the World
Perelman, Ellie Zombies! (And Other Symbols)
Tourino, Christina Cultures in Crisis