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February 20, 2014

Scholarships are essential to make SJU accessible for first-generation students. Jim Frey '78, former Chair of the Board of Regents, agrees: The Frey Foundation made a $2.5 million grant to SJU's FirstGen Scholarship Program.

Jim Frey knows a great deal about accessibility-of a different kind. He was injured in high school and became wheelchair-bound. In a Saint John's Magazine interview in 2007, he recalled that SJU was not wheelchair-accessible when he visited as a prospective Johnnie.

Don LeMay, OSB, director of admission at the time, accompanied Frey on his tour of campus. He said he wanted to know how he could make the campus more hospitable to students with disabilities, whether or not Frey chose SJU. As they toured, Fr. Don noted any changes needed, such as curb cuts, to make the campus more accessible. Frey did choose SJU, and when he arrived for school, the changes had been made.

Frey remembers this as an excellent example of Benedictine hospitality. "Saint John's decided ‘Well, we'll make it work because we should, not because we have to.'"

The late Dietrich Reinhart, OSB, president emeritus, was the first to broach the idea of a first-generation scholarship program to Frey. Br. Dietrich recognized that enrollment pressures made it important to recruit first-generation students, but he also felt that it was simply the right thing to do because SJU had a special connection to first-generation students. Saint John's was founded to provide an education to the children of German immigrants in the area, all of whom were first-generation college students.

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