April 27, 2007

Gordon Brown, Ernie Diedrich, Bill Lamberts, and Derek Larson Present
Is Environmentalism A Religion?

Quad 346, SJU

An interdisciplinary group of Environmental Studies faculty participated in an "environment and religion" reading group, funded by the Vocation Project, in 2005-2006. Members of the group will present an overview of their project-- including reading lists --to the Forum and facilitate a discussion of some of the central questions raised by the exercise, including "Is environmentalism a religion?" and "What role should organized religion play in protecting the environment?" Multiple-- perhaps even conflicting --viewpoints will be shared on the place of environment in various Christian traditions as well as perspectives on nature from Islamic, Jewish, Native American, and several eastern traditions as a background to a discussion with the audience of the role of religion and religious communities in addressing the environmental crisis of the 21st century.