Spring 2004

Meeting occasional Fridays from 4:15-5:15pm in the Little Theater (Quad 346,SJU) unless another location is noted below. All are welcome to attend.

February 6: Louis Johnston, Economics: More light on a statistical dark age: Output and employment in the US, 1790-1928

February 13: Mark Ehlert, Alcuin Library: ...And One for All? Beethoven's Missa Solemnis and the Question of Vocal Forces in the "Sanctus" Movement

February 20: Gregory Schroeder, History: What? German Victims? What German Victims? German Civilians in WWII and in Current Debates

March 19: Stephen Saupe, Biology, and John Geissler, SJU Arboretum: The Natural History of Saint John's Maple Syrup Location: SUGAR SHACK NEAR BALLFIELDS

March 26: Noreen Herzfeld, Computer Science: Just a Game? Video Games, War, and Self Understanding

April 2: Jeff Kamakahi, Sociology: The Native Hawaiian Experience Through Folksongs

April 16: Joseph Farry, Political Science (Emeritus): Building the Railroad to St, Joe and Collegeville: Dutch Bankers, Canadian speculators and a US Government land “give away”

April 23: Julie Lynch, Communication, and Erin Szabo, Communication: "I saw a girl get kidnapped, and I thought it would happen to me": Cognitive development and fright reactions to media