Fall 2010


Fall 2010 Friday Forums:

September 17, 2010
Why do I have to take the language requirement? How can I do well even if I am not good with languages?  
Tania Gomez
Main Building (CSB)

Attempting a new language can be a daunting experience. Tania Gomez (Hispanic Studies) discusses why learning a language became a requirement at most colleges, and why Spanish is so popular. Prof. Gomez will talk about ways for students to have fun with language in class, get involved with the community using their new language skills, as well as travel, learn, and even end up with a "good" grade.  This afternoon's Friday Forum (9/17) will be 4:15-5:15 at the TRC Boardroom, Main Building (CSB).   

September 24, 2010
God, Love and Masks: Two Women Having Words
Dr. Jessica Harkins and Betsy Johnson-Miller
The Little Theater, Quad 346 (SJU)

Poets Dr. Jessica Harkins (English) and Betsy Johnson-Miller (English) read selections from their poetry and engage in some lively dialogue about their writing lives. The Little Theatre, Quad 346(SJU), 4:15-5:15.

October 1, 2010
From Earth Day to an Environmental Studies Major in 40 Short Years  
Thom Woodward, Carmen Fernholz and Dr. Jean Lavigne
AV1-Alcuin Library (SJU)

It actually took fewer than 40 years after the inaugural Earth Day in 1970 for Saint Ben's and Saint John's to launch an environmental studies major. This Friday Forum presents a true success story of interdisciplinary cooperation as it provides historical perspective of, and the practical applications resulting from, the Environmental Studies Major here at CSB/SJU. Speakers include Thom Woodward '70, from the SJU Alumni Office, a former news reporter who reported on Earth Day 1970 for the St. Cloud Times; farmer Carmen Fernholz '65, a sustainable agriculture expert from Madison, Minn.; and Dr. Jean Lavigne from the CSB/SJU Environmental Studies Department. Alcuin Library- AV1(SJU), 3:30-4:45pm.

October 15, 2010
How To Understand Ethiopia!
Professor Steven Thomas
The Little Theater, Quad 346 (SJU)

Professor Steven Thomas (English) travelled to Ethiopia this summer. He gave a lecture to theater students at Addis Ababa University, attended an international short film festival, talked with some professors at the university in Jimma (where a lot of our coffee comes from), travelled to the ancient and important Islamic city of Harar, and visited the Fentale region where he met a humanitarian organization that works with the pastoralist Karayu tribe. His presentation recounts these experiences and raises the question of how we can understand Ethiopia. In the process, he dispels myths and misunderstandings that Americans have about the country; he also questions his own understanding of this ever-fascinating place.

October 22, 2010
Modernization and the Destruction of Culture in Vietnam: The Case of Women Street Vendors
Trang Pham  
TRC Boardroom, Main Building (CSB)

CSB student Trang Pham reports on her four weeks in Vietnam researching that country's street vending culture, the importance of women entrepreneurs in this business, and the threat that an increasing globalization is playing in destroying this unique and vital Vietnamese tradition. She also discusses the implications for Asia today. TRC Boardroom, Main Building (CSB), 4:15-5:15pm.