August 29, 2008

TRC Boardroom, Main Building (CSB)

Prof. Manju Parikh and Colleagues

South India Today: Reflections of a Summer Faculty Study Tour

Seven CSB/SJU faculty members and a staff member from the Office for Education/Abroad travelled to India from June 12 through June 30, 2008 with generous support from a faculty development grant.

The group visited four cities: Mumbai, Kochi, Bangalore and Kolkata. The goal of the trip was to understand the impact of Globalization on India as well as to become more informed about Indian history,its social, economic and environmental challenges as India emerges as an important economic power in the global economy.

The group members visited several academic institutions, businesses dealing with US, IT centers, some NGOs (non-governmental organizations) and historical sites. The group will reflect on their experiences, and share their observationsabout India. The group will also comment on how a faculty study tour such as this one benefits their academic work both in and out of the classroom.

Group members include:

Manju Parikh, Political Science & Group Leader
Cynthia Curran, History
Ellen Ellickson, Nursing
Jean Lavigne, Environmental Studies
Webdy Klepetar, Management
Madhu Mitra, English
Sucharita Mukherjee, Economics
Peggy Retk, Office for Education Abroad