Fall 2008

Aug. 29: Prof. Manju Parikh and Colleagues (CSB): South India Today: Reflections of a Summer Faculty Study Tour

Sept. 5: Prof. Claire Haeg and Prof. Matt Lindstrom (SJU): The Value of Experiential Learning Communities: Are internships in a Community Worth More Than Internships Alone?

Sept. 26: Prof. Don Fischer, Maribeth Overland and Laura Adams (CSB): The Leadership Attitudes and Beliefs of Incoming First Year Students at CSB/SJU

Oct. 10: Prof. Kari-Shane Davis (CSB): Theology

Oct. 17: Prof. Noreen Herzfeld (SJU): Not What I Ordered: Reflections on Life in Sarajevo

Oct. 24: Anna Mercedes (SJU): Christian Self-giving and the Resistance of Victim-Survivors: A Surprising Confluence

Oc. 31: Prof. Aubrey Immelman (CSB): The Psychological Profiles of Presidential Candidates John McCain and Barrack Obama

Nov. 7: Prof. Kaarin Johnston (CSB): Creating Negative Stereotypes: Theater's Responsibility for Spreading Racism aimed at African Americans

Nov. 14: Prof. James Makepeace (SJU)

Nov. 21: Prof. Allison Spenader (CSB)

Dec. 5: Catherine Hansen (CSB): Exploring Kanji: A Historical, Categorical, and Cultural Study on One of the World's Most Interesting Writing Systems

Dec. 12: Prof. Erica Stonestreet (SJU): Being in Charge: The Moral Significance of Choice