Fall 2007

9/21: Ronald Pagnucco "A Case Study in Global Solidarity: the St. Cloud-Homa Bay Partnership," TRC Boardroom, CSB

10/5: Carrie Hoover "Promoting Self Management in Heart Failure Patients through Education and Telemonitoring," TRC Boardroom, CSB

10/19: Fr. Jerome Tupa, Art Center Theater

10/26: Jean Keller "Sara Rudick and Transracial Adoptive Maternal Practice," Gorecki 120 AB, CSB

11/2: John Olson, "Slaves, Mules and Cotton: Gang Labor on Antebellum Southern Plantations", Little Theater Quad 346, SJU

11/9: Charles Wright "Gut Reactions & Moral Judgment: New Contributions from Moral Psychological and Neuroscience," TRC Boardroom, CSB

11/16: Joal Reeves, "Chicago and Lake Street Reconstruction," CSB

11/30: Melissa Hund, Little Theater Quad 345, SJU

12/7: Shane Miller " The War for Christmas: On the Risks of Sacralising the Secular," SJU

12/14: Aubrey Immelman "The Psychological Profiles of the Top-Tier Republican and Democratic Candidates for President," CSB