Fall 2005

September 16: Fr. Kilian McDonnell, OSB The Vultures of St. John's Looking for Dead Dogs (Quad 346, SJU)

September 23: Charles Wright Aikido: A Philosopher’s Martial Art (Alumnae Hall, HCC, CSB)

September 30: Sharmistha Self Exogamy and Bias against Daughters in Health-care Provision: A Theory and Evidence from Two Northern States in India (TRC Alumnae Lounge, Main Bldg., CSB)

October 21: Nick Hayes A Reading from Mark: A Memior (Quad 346, SJU)

October 28: Virginia Arthur Managing as if People Mattered*: How Catholic Social Teaching can inform Management Practice (TRC Boardroom, Main Bldg, CSB)

November 4: Jill Zasadny Mother Benedicta Riepp and Abbot Boniface Wimmer Play Cards: An Epistological 'Raise You One' (Quad 346, SJU)

November 11: Parker Wheatley After the Bubble: The Survival and Evolution of Internet Markets for Business-to-Business Exchange (TRC Boardroom, Main Bldg., CSB)

November 18: Don Fischer Understanding the Exercise Patterns of CSB Students (TRC Boardroom, Main Bldg., CSB)

December 2: Sanford Moskowitz Is the US Losing Its Edge?:Innovation and Competitiveness in the Global Economy (Quad 346, SJU)