November 12, 2004

Little Theater, Quad 346, SJU

Rehabilitating Injured and Orphaned Wildlife

presented by
Ellen Ellickson (Nursing)
and Linda Peck, Certified Wildlife Rehabilitation Expert

This session will explore the process of becoming certified to care for animals in the wild. The forum will discuss the history of wildlife rehabilitation and describe the network of people involved. It will show how the care of wild animals has become regulated to protect the animals and the people who rescue and care for them. Linda Peck is a local hero who has rescued and cared for many animals, including owls and hawks, many songbirds and many large and small mammals. She will share some of her exciting and heart warming stories of animals saved from certain death and restored to health to be able to be released back to the wild. The session will close with simple suggestions that anyone can do when finding an animal in need of human assistance.

All are welcome to attend!