2013 Summer Global Practicum Faculty Recommendation

INFORMATION FOR REFERENCE PROVIDERS: The student who sent you this form is applying to the Center for Global Education's Summer Global Practicum Program. The knowledge, skills, and personal characteristics are unique for a student willing and able to participate in an international internship experience. Your recommendation will help the selection committee to understand some of the intangible aspects of the candidate that may otherwise not fully come across in his or her program application and personal statement. Please provide your evaluation of the applicants merits/abilities in the areas listed below. Any comments you can provide to support your assessment are greatly appreciated. Thank you for completing this form. * PLEASE NOTE: the applicant has waived his/her right to access or review your reference form or the material contained therein.

For what summer global practicum site/s is the candidate is applying to (check all that apply)?

Describe the context of your recommendation insights:

Class Attendance: Applicant attended class regularly and/or advised ahead of time when it was necessary to miss a class.

Course Preparation: Candidate prepared class readings and assignments on time.

Course Engagement: Self-initiated class discussion participation. Responded with insightful comments when called upon.

Inquisitiveness/Self Starter: Asked probing question regarding course material. Shared observations on course concepts in class discussions. Shared additional readings, videos, etc. with instructor and class.

Teamwork: Candidate is effective when participating in a large or small team-based project. Makes positive contributions to the team. Demonstrated leadership in completing some or all of the project requirements without guidance

Flexibility: Applicant was able adapt to (and lead) changes that occurred throughout the term -- syllabus requirements, assignment modifications, etc.

Ambiguity: Applicant demonstrated comfort in undefined situations and was open to possibilities that evolved during the term. Illustrated ability to go beyond normal comfort zone of learning or engagement.

Written Communication Skills: Applicant clearly and concisely relates thoughts, ideas, and recommendations in writing. In papers and essays s/he demonstrates ability to elucidate a clear thesis; construct concise supporting points and craft a strong, logical conclusion.

Verbal Communication Skills: Applicant confidently and effectively relates ideas in multiple settings including small and large group situations, as well as in formal presentations. Applicant gives polished presentations with limited use of verbal transitions and scripts.

Technological Competencies: Applicant demonstrates facility with technological tools such as Microsoft Office Suite (PowerPoint, Excel, Word); website design tools; graphic design tools; etc.

Overall Recommendation: