NRSG 379 Group Discussion Rubric

Please use this form to rate the group discussion abilities of your group members.

Seminar Criteria =50%
Items 1-5
1. Timely, professional, reflective, responses to discussion questions.
2. Evidence of critical thinking and problem-solving
3. Substantiation of positions/opinions with relevant, authoritative sources
4. Uses concrete examples to illustrate critical points
5. Posing of additional related questions generated by peers/instructor’s remarks, clinical observations, staff communications, or professional literature.

Discussion Weight = 50% [items 6-14]
Content items 6-10
6. Ideas/topics/theses are stated clearly and concisely
7. Listens to others intently
8. Makes relevant contributions to the discussion
9. Demonstrates a logical arrangement of ideas
10. Uses a clear and concise communication structure

Items 11-14
11. Considerate of opposing viewpoints
12. Encourages and supports other group members
13. Tone is non-offensive and respectful of others
14. Level and content of language is commensurate with audience